Incorporated in 1989, Structural Engineering Assessments is an independent consulting firm that provides structural evaluation, review and forensic analysis for commercial, industrial and residential structures. Our staff has over twenty-five years of experience in the field of structural engineering, site investigations, structural assessments, evaluations and design, holding professional engineering licenses in more than fifteen different states.

Structural Engineering Assessments has a long history of evaluating new and existing construction for the benefit and comfort of both the owner and the contractor. Our evaluations range from the 200 year old buildings of Underground Atlanta to a residential structure with the recently erected framing still exposed. Whether the building is on the historical register or still under construction, a typical Phase I Evaluation consists of reviewing the structure for compliance with the local codes as well as the integrity of the structural system and safety for occupants. Phase II Evaluations continues with the data from Phase I for analysis of necessary repairs and construction documents detailing the repairs for the contractor. Phase II for some structures are better served with monitoring of the damage to determine if repairs will be required. In many instances, the collected data show the damage has stabilized and the need for repairs may be postponed for the current time.

Evaluations also provide a preview of possible problems or alternate methods of materials and design for those planning renovations and additions to their existing buildings.